.com designs provides much more than a pretty face to your website project.  Even though the proper look and image for your business is a critical step in the process, it’s also very important to objectify what you are planning to accomplish with your website.
We help you plan, define, implement, and measure the success of your internet objectives.
Even before a website is ever created, the site design process should be broken down into critical tasks or success factors which may be defined as a successful download, online  registration, or an online purchase. Many elements go into making these objective possible such as navigational structure, page placement, web marketing, etc.


Our consulting service is focused on coming up with an effective way to make sure the identified critical tasks are accomplished and provide a more tangible way to measure the success of your website.

We strive to make your site an effective business tool with measurable results.  We will provide you all of the information necessary to align form and function into your website and ultimately meet your tangible business objectives.

The best way to demonstrate or discuss our abilities is to contact us for a free, no obligation estimate for your project.

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